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    Need Part Number For EBC GreenStuff 6000 Series Rear Pads for 2002 100 series landcruiser

    Hi All I have been reading through this forum for a while now. Really helpful! I needed some help replacing my rear brake pads. I wanted to use EBC greenstuff 6000 series as recommended by many on this forum. I am a bit confused about the part number from EBC for rear padsfor 100 series. I read...
  2. RFB

    EBC pads on an 80

    So I went with terrain tamer discs, then oem remanned calipers and TT pads, and still the truck didnt want to stop. No mind you it sitting on 37x 13.5 heavy nitto tires but even with the ABS pulled it wouldnt stop. So before this last trip east to west and thru the rockies I got napa calipers...
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