dual case

  1. Paul G

    For Sale  SF Bay Area: Front Range T-CASE CROSSMEMBER kit

    $150 takes it, new unused. Please PM me if your interested. https://frontrangeoffroadfab.com/t-case-crossmember/?fbclid=IwAR16iieBYgJ9yfyLerxvpSxjA5KU1cMQkFwPEvNWtJmKXdsMi3DiqfzpGTM
  2. texfredbastiat

    FZJ80 V8 plus 5 spd conversion, with dual case?

    disclaimer - i have read dozens and dozens of threads on these topics, but still havent quite found the answer. thanks to Beno, 70's guy, toolsrus, tor, romer, and many more for lots of ideas, info and knowledge. BLUF: i am wanting to pursue a v8 conversion with 5 speed manual transmission, as...
  3. BigMike

    See how a Dual Case can take your truck to an entirely new level [video]

    What's up Mudders! BigMike from Marlin Crawler here. We've put up another TacoBox demonstration video showcasing the speed differences between Stock Low Range, Dual Low Range, and Quintuple Low Range, which is the full gauntlet of speeds you get when you install a Marlin Crawler TacoBox into...
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