drive plate

  1. ZRotheohv

    Removing Flex Plate with Engine On Hoist

    I pulled my engine by itself (didn't pull the trans), and it's now hanging from the hoist. In order to put it on a stand, it looks like I have to remove the flex plate, but the crank keeps moving. Is there a standard way of jamming it so it doesn't move? The FSM shows simply taking out the bolts...
  2. Rivman1243

    Parts help

    I'm looking for a drive flange/ drive plate for a front axle on a 97 FZJ80. I have one that is starting to make a loud pop noise when accelerating or hitting the brakes. I took off the dust cap and watched the axle while my helper cycled between drive and reverse. I could clearly see the axle...
  3. greentruck

    Axle Hub to Drive Plate Studs: Loosened, but How to Tighten?

    I couldn't find much with Search after the FSM wasn't much help...Had the front wheel bearing loosen up on one side, so pulled things to tighten it. Used the usual brass hammer and brass drift pin to smack the studs that hold the drive plate to the axle hub in order to loosen the cone washers...
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