1. yotadude520

    $15,000 2WD 1985 Toyota Pickup

    I'm wondering if he meant $1500....:eek::confused: Looks a little too rough to be a $15k show truck! "Vintage 1987 Toyota pickup truck with xtra cab, long bed, 177,000 miles. Original owner, runs great. $15,000 OBO." 1987 Toyota pickup, xtra cab If anyone's interested I'll GLADLY do a...
  2. yotadude520

    craigslist  1973 "Custom" FJ40

    Browsing CL and came across this gem that I had to share. $40k for a 1973 FJ40 that has "custom rear quarter panels"(rust covers) ,no wiper arms, "custom" ARB front bumper, and no dash currently but it is "being custom made right now". Oh and it has only two pictures on the ad. This guy's...
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