1. burnsAlpine

    Help Needed: Sunroof Parts

    I read through all the FJ80 sunroof threads I could get my hands on and finally decided to tackle my broken sunroof. I have it completely removed the headliner and sunroof from the vehicle and found the culprit. Clogged drip tubes caused water to pool up around the cables which are now...
  2. AaKnight

    blocked cowl drain tube

    ok here goes.... I've been chasing a water leak for a while now. I have cleared all 4 sunroof drains and even changed the little plastic guide plates for good measure. So. I had my windshield resealed--- didn't fix it. called the glass guy back out and he showed me water backed up in the...
  3. AtlWagen

    Leaking from a Rivet hole?

    I’ve pulled the interior and now the headliner. Both easier than I thought. I have been pouring hot water into the sun roof tray of my 1997 LX450 to find it dripping from this rivet. Any thoughts on a cure with or without dropping the sunroof pan?
  4. iptman

    Question for those who've dropped your headliner

    Did the tray corners around your sun roof drains look like this? I had a tree fall on my roof at the A pillar a while back and I want to see if maybe the body shop cracked the corners when removing the sun roof pan and just glued them back together instead of replacing the pan. My back PS...
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