1. Frkens

    Advice needed on brakes

    Hi fellas, Need some advice on my brakes. Just installed new brakepads yesterday. Brand new. No certain brand though... I drove around today and I could feel that they were dragging a lot! Now I took the wheel and the new pads off and I cannot see what is wrong. I have three different...
  2. hammerheadfistpunch

    Dragging brakes

    Taking alternate theories as to why my brakes are dragging? My shop accidentally put contaminated fluid in my brakes a month or so ago and its been a nightmare getting it right again. They eventually replaced my calipers, ABS module LSPV and Master cylinder and cleaned and flushed the lines...
  3. N

    '92 FJ80 brakes dragging

    I've spent a lot of time reading through the forum trying to get to the bottom of a brake issue I'm having. Long story short the front brakes are building pressure. The car hasn't been driven much in the last 10 years so it has some bugs to work out. Brakes seem to be the big one. When the car...
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