1. nmcbride89

    For Sale FJ 62 exhaust downpipes, nuts and gaskets (Baton Rouge, LA)

    I sold my FJ62, so I have no need for the downpipes that I purchased awhile back. These are the pipes that connect to the headers and include mounting locations for O2 sensors. I also have OEM gaskets and locknuts that are included in the sale. The pipes are in good shape, except for one...
  2. bapmia

    Wanted FJ62 Downpipes

    Need a set of downpipes for an '89 FJ62. Thanks!
  3. nmcbride89

    Wanted FJ62 Exhaust Downpipes

    The PO removed the cats and butchered the downpipes, so in order to install new O2 sensors and have a proper exhaust system put on, I need to find replacement downpipes. Exhaust shop said it would be cheaper for me to find replacements, rather than having them fabricate a set with the O2 bungs...
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