double cardon

  1. AaKnight

    Wanted  DC Front Drive Shaft for FZJ80

    Looking for a double cardon shaft to put in the front of my unlocked 95. if you got one you wanna sell, pm me.
  2. RFB

    Reinstalling Double Cardon

    Which is more important the "phasing" of the driveshaft yokes? or the "phasing" of the driveshaft flanges? Sorry to ask again, but the FSM isnt showing the DC driveshaft and the mounting bolts for the transfer case are very difficult to get to with the IP skid in place.
  3. RFB

    U Joints On a DC driveshaft

    So Im replacing the ujoints on my front DS and its Double Cardon and Im wondering why there are no clips on any of them at all, the new joints come with them and the rear u joints have them. Is this common or...........
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