dome lights

  1. cabrito1970

    License plate lights and dome lights not working

    Can someone with more neurons than me walk me through to figure out how to trouble shoot license plate and dome lights not working?? My blinkers, parking and reverse lights work.
  2. Gunky

    No Power to Sunroof and Dome Lights

    I'm having some trouble figuring out the cause of this. Only the sunroof and dome lights are not working. Radio, cigarette lighter, power windows, etc. are all working fine. I've checked and replaced the dome fuse in the engine bay and the cig fuse under the steering wheel. I may check all other...
  3. jasonc

    Parting Out  FJ80 in Grand Junction, Colorado

    I am parting out a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser with a brown interior. I still have carpets, headliner bits, interior panels, door panels, sunroof assembly, seats, rear windows, dome lights, two sets of center caps, mud flaps, center console, and probably other stuff. Let me know what you need and...
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