1. M

    Pinion seal fail on test-drive

    Hi all, I test drove a '93 1FZ-FE today that was in good condition. During the test drive I put it into 4L for a quick roll forwards/back - everything seemed fine. Once back at the seller's place I noticed an oil drip coming from the back of the front diff. (Pinion seal, perhaps?) Any...
  2. bubfuji

    SOLD  Differential install/overhaul kit (Koyo bearing)

    Hello, Selling a new diff install/overhaul kit for 1990 or older Land Cruisers. Part number is ZK-TLC-A from USA Standard Gear. Has Koyo Bearings, shims, crush sleeve, etc Asking $100.00 + shipping via Paypal (friends and family) Located is San Jose, CA Please PM if interested.
  3. RFB

    Welding on front Diff.

    I just got these two in from Ruffstuff, and Im curious are there any special precautions to take when welding onto the front differential? And is RTV better for rear or gasket?
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