1. Joshau

    LSeat's diamond stitch leather seats

    Definitely time to install new leather seats and researching I found all the usual suppliers. I'm thinking about going out on a small limb and installing LSeat's diamond stitch leather pattern on the front & middle rows, with diamond stitch leather replacing the leather on the door inserts as...
  2. bwalker16527

    For Sale Diamond plate quarter panel FJ40

    Used FJ40 polished aluminum diamond plate quarter panels. Good condition. $100 plus shipping.
  3. a77fj40

    craigslist ...and the award for most diamond plate goes to....

    ...this guy! 1974 Land Cruiser FJ40 holy crap!
  4. 64Rotorhead

    Diamond Axle 60 width on 40 No outboard

    I haven't seen this topic anywhere, opinions please. I'm considering a Diamond up front on my 40, but at a 60 width. The question is: would it be alright to leave spring perches original instead of outboarding? It doesn't seem to me to be that big of a factor when we are only talking about 1 ½"...
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