1. Onur

    2019 Land Cruiser/LX570 VIN Decoder

    This VIN decoder is good for 2019 vehicles and back. This should allow you to see where your LC was manufactured (LX's will be at Yoshiwara). I've attached as a .pdf as well as a .png formats. Thanks. -onur
  2. mrjordann

    Where can I decode my FJ40's VIN number?

    So I have a 1973 FJ40, and I want to decode my vin. I have tried every website out there, and they all say my vin has "not enough characters" or it's "invalid". My vin is 10 characters, and is like FJ40XXXXXX. (Six numbers after "FJ40".) Where can I decode this vin, or get some information on...
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