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  1. J

    Diff Locks & 4WD lights not working

    Hello guys, I'm posting a new thread here because I need some help with an issue that has been bothering for a while. I own a 1998 LC100 VX-R 2UZ -FE with 5MT, it only has 32.000 Kms in stock form. The LC is immaculate, but it is very strange that all of the sudden, CDL, RDL and 4WD lights are...
  2. RLMS

    Red Line 40 series Resto Dash Indicator Plates

    We now have these in stock! Custom laser cut resto dash plates! Featuring "Brakes" and ("CK-ENG" for EFI conversions) Laser cut aluminum plate to factory specs Anodized Black Factory style text Laser engraved for smooth surface Perfect for your resto project Great addition to our Resto Billet...
  3. mervo

    CDL switch installed, transfer indicator switch replaced, still nothing.

    Hey all, After installing the OEM dash mounted CDL switch in accordance with various youtube vids my dash was reading a whole lot of NOTHING. No ABS, No locker engaged. As per usual I did hear the obvious 'whirring' that Kumar mentions in the informative Slee article. (found here: Slee - Fixing...
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