dash buttons

  1. Jay06Hundee

    Are these dash buttons suppose to be illuminated?

    The cruiser has been in the family for over ten years and I can’t recall if these lights have ever been back light? At night they are impossible to see. If they are suppose to be illuminated I doubt there there is a single fuse to solve the issue? Any diagnostic help would be appreciated this...
  2. alohamade

    Wanted  60's Light Dash Knob

    Looking for a 60's dash knob sample picture posted. thank you

    100-series Custom Dash Push Style Buttons?

    I was looking to buy some 100-series (or Toyota style) dash buttons for some rock lights and a possible LED bar. The push button type. Does anyone know of a website that I can buy some like that, that aren't $70 a pop? Thanks!
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