1. M

    Installing 5100s/OME885s

    Morning all. I've got an 06 DC and got a few deliveries recently. OME885 coils w/5100 in front and AALs w/billys in rear from wheelers, high angle CV boots from ORS, diff drop from fat bobs. I wasn't sure how much lift i would see from the 885's so the 5100's are mounted in the coil on the...
  2. 808Fafner

    CV Boot leaked Grease?

    Hi Guys today I was flushing my break fluid and when I got to the front drivers side I noticed grease all over the place and it looks like it came from the CV boot.... :( There doesn't seem to be any rips or tears on the boor and the CV does make any noises when I drive. What could be the...
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