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  1. McDowra

    Gauges, AC, and trans OD cuts out at same time any ideas?

    Just as the title says on our way home from my Grandsons birthday party the gauges, AC fan and Transmission kicked out of overdrive. The Cruiser ran fine just the dru=ivers side of the dash seem to loose power. The headlights, blinkers, and radio still worked fine. It did this 3 times on the way...
  2. Jibreezy82


    Hi All My 93 LC80 1FZ-FE is bogging and jerking unpredictably. Sudden drop in RPM then picking again. Sometimes it doesnt go above 2500 RPM on full throttle. It picks up again and would drive normally up to 4200RPM. then it would do it gain. This started when I passed by a very small poodle...
  3. Scottbonnar

    hzj80 aircon randomly cuts out

    Hi all, Ive got a diesel hzj80. aircon wasnt working recently until i had the relay replaced and regassed. Works awesome around town but did a long drive not too long ago and the compressor randomly cuts out. Engine doesnt get hot. I read somewhere that my tx valve might need changing? anyone...
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