cup holders

  1. rheen

    62 series cupholders

    Hi all. I've owned my fj62 for almost two years now and have finally got the jack of not having any cupholders. I know there's other threads on here for centre consoles but my 62 has a bench seat up front which I enjoy and want to keep. I also want to keep it looking pretty stock inside. Is...
  2. corleykj

    FJ40 Cup holders - for sale

    Feel free to check out the classifieds as I am selling them as individual cup holders, and a group by is not necessary anymore. Below information may be out dated. Here is a cup holder I made for myself and a good friend, which fits late 1972 to late 1978 models with bucket seats (and the...
  3. pedrok

    12 Dollar Cup Holder Build

    I've been looking at various solutions for cup holders for quite some time. My fabrication abilities are limited so I've never really found a solution for cup holders that was within my abilities. Not having cupholders was driving me beserk, so I had to get something put into place. I happened...
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