Useless cubby insert into something less useless?

    Ok I am in a quandary. I went ahead and manufactured a couple of these new Delrin Cubby Insert Panels that have everything I think is needed. It can be flat mounted, top mount or 45° mount. It can be 1/4-20 or M10 threaded with black steel keenserts which aren’t cheap. And that’s part of the...
  2. swamp-thing

    FJ40 Radio Slot / Cubby

    Is the cubby in this picture a factory part? It looks legit to me -- but I've never seen one like that before. I'd like to find one like this...... Thanks in advance.
  3. W

    Series 80 Dash switch bezel / any interest???

    Ok so I have been trying to track down one of those Gamiviti Dash panels that go above the radio in place of the useless cubby that is there now with no luck. Emailed Gamiviti and they advice that they are discontinued ... i have someone that can make something similar is there any interest out...
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