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  1. Pierce

    For Sale  FZJ80 Cruisin' Offroad Sliders, Tx

    Selling a set of Cruisin' Offroad sliders for a FZJ80 (passenger side cats). They are great sliders but i need steps for the . $650. No side kick outs. Blasted and primed, not painted. Only installed a few weeks. I will ship on the buyer's dime.
  2. stock

    Cruisin Off Road Sliders install

    Thought I'd post this to the general 80's page from our Keystone Cruisers page. The difference from the others is the mounting system, no random U bolt's. The sliders come with a bracket that slides over your frame, the bracket is actually welded on and part of the slider it's self, so VERY...
  3. stock

    Cruisin Off Road sliders order

    @fireball and @Crusha turned me on to these sliders. Cruisin Off Road - Armour for Land Cruisers - Sliders The attachment system looks superior to all the others using U bolts. That along with great reviews AND the transfer rate from Canada to US makes these about $650 USD. Jason at @Cruisin'...
  4. Pierce

    Where have all the rear bumper fabricators gone!?

    Over the last month or so i have been bumper shopping. Looking for a expedition style bumper with no swings. All the bumpers that i like are out of production! IPOR is at the top of my list buuuut they arent doing 80 Series bumpers right now... This is where I'm at... -IPOR, re-designing with...
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