1. C

    Replacement Windshield Tint

    My white '97 Collectors Edition is going into the shop in about a week for a new windshield, some minor paint repair, and a polish. The existing windshield is cracked, and whoever the PO hired to install it used an aftermarket seal that caused a bit of rust to form on an upper corner. I'm...
  2. marcfj60

    Some recognition for Beno

    I found this while browsing the TLCA page on FB. Even the OLD sage Cruiserdan was mentioned. The Man Who Talks to Land Cruisers
  3. beno

    The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

    I figured it was time to start this thread since there are threads like this in the older Land Cruiser series iterations. While the other threads reflect parts that are still available, I would like this thread to reflect parts that are no longer available from Toyota in the North American...
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