1. pc4400

    Cruisercorps aftermarket brakeswitch

    My brake switch gave out and I picked up a replacement from Cruiser Corps. This aftermarket is much larger than my OEM. After failed attempts at shoe horning this thing in I asked Cruiser Corps. They recommended I use some vice grips for leverage. Well this didn't work at all. ANyone here use...
  2. T

    60 Series Seat Fabric opinions - CCOT vs CruiserCorps

    Looking into fabric interior kits for my 1988 FJ62 - I see CCOT and Cruiser Corps both offer grey fabric interior kits. Anyone have experience with either one? Not expecting OEM, but if one of these two is a little tougher that would be a deciding factor for me. They appear extremely similar...
  3. Cruiser Corps

    Cruiser Corps Christmas Special

    FREE ARB AUXILIARY LIGHT KIT WITH ARB SUSPENSION KITS OR SELECT BUMPERS We are teaming up with ARB 4x4 Accessories this Christmas to give an extra gift to your purchase of a full ARB 4x4 suspension kit 40/60/80/100/200 series or an ARB 4x4 bumper 60/80/100/200 series. All the more reason to buy...
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