1. KWalkerM

    Cross-Country Road Trip, West -> East

    Hey all, I am going to be taking a solo "Great American Road Trip" in the few weeks from one coast to the other. As such I could use some good stops along the way, any cruiser mechanics, and general timelines for people who have made this trip before. I have an 80 series on 35s, stock gearing...
  2. jesus888

    NEW FJ Owner - Long Trip Advice... (Lots of pictures)

    So... I'm a recent FJ40 owner, and come from the Classic Bronco world... Just a little history... my good friend and I built a 69 Bronco from the ground up and threw every option we possibly could at it... including a fuel injected 302, nv3550, disc brakes, hydroboost, power steering/brakes...
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