cranks but no start

  1. nsaladin

    Drove an hour. Stopped to fill up. Crank but no start.

    Monday night I drove about 26 miles home from work in my 2004 cruiser. Stopped to fill up on gas (had about 1/4 tank left). Went to start the truck up after filling it completely up, and it would crank but not start. I had my wife’s GX 460 tow strap me the short 1/4 mile home. Upon getting home...
  2. thex1231

    91 Fj80 Won't Start When HOT HELP!!!

    Hey guys, here for your help again. Here is my situation, I had my 91 as a daily driver and everything was going just great. She sat for a few months, she would start but run and idle very roughly, I got that fixed. It was a vacuum leak via the injectors. Took all that apart and replaced the...
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