1. EPUro2019

    New to me 2015 LC CPO

    Picked up the 200 on Saturday. The dealer from AZ trailered to a city near me and we drove out to pick it up. First time purchasing a vehicle site unseen - thankfully looked even better in person. I'll admit buying a vehicle without actually going into a dealership is way easier. first...
  2. R

    Looking at 200s

    Hi all, Looking for some advice/guidance from the collective wisdom here. I've been reading threads and searching CarMax, Cars.com, CarGurus and AutoTrader for relatively low mileage 2013 or newer - love the black exterior with sandstone interior but there just doesn't seem to be enough supply...
  3. linuxgod

    Buying a 200-series - what are common repairs and would you buy an extended warranty?

    My wife and I are buying a 2013 Land Cruiser, which is currently being shipped by AutoNation from a store in Houston to Chicago. The prior owner owned it for a bit less than 2 years and put almost 49,000 miles on it. Very clean carfax and full service history. The dealer sold it as Toyota CPO...
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