1. bgianf

    Corbeau Seat Adapter way too small?

    Hello, I recently bought a 1973 FJ40 (coincidentally sold here previously) I just got some new Corbeau Moab seats, and I bought their provided FJ40 adapter. Specifically the FJ40 70-8/73 version of the bracket: Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 70-8/73 Seat Brackets - Corbeau Racing Seats As you can...
  2. mycophagist

    SOLD  Corbeau GTS II Seat brackets Toyota Tacoma

    The Corbeau seat brackets are model numbers #E1104 E1105 I'm willing to sell the seats separate from their vehicle specific brackets There is no damage to these seats whatsoever, just a small stain on the seat-side of one, that you will see pictured. Seat covers were on these for 2/3 of their...
  3. CBeckFJ

    100 series corbeau seats

    i am looking at putting corbeau racing seats into my '99 land cruiser. I am wondering if anyone makes brackets, or if 80 series brackets will fit into a 100 series. Thanks!
  4. RFB

    Corbeau Sport seats and brackets.

    So I had decent "custom" clothe or velour(ish) seats in the rig when I bought it. But I drive a lot. and my seat was getting me on the back of my knee on long hauls. So I statrted searching and fell onto recaros but the cost was serious like whole new suspenison serious, So I settled on leather...
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