conrod bearings

  1. AdamRonaldson

    Rod Knock on rebuilt 2H engine

    I recently (3 months ago) rebuilt my 2H engine on my 1989 60 Series Cruiser. Complete rebuild, sleeves to OEM oil pump. Everything on STANDARD spec. decent parts REASON FOR REBUILD: poor compression noticeable from tappet cover breather and sludge buildup in motor oil. Also intend to supercharge...
  2. JohnPro992

    Connecting Rod bearings 1.25mm B engine

    Guys, I have a problem. I spun a conrod bearing because I ran out of oil pressure. I was going up a hill and it stalled, when I started it I didn't realize it had 0 oil pressure. I don't have the EDIC. Anyway the machine shop says I need 1.25 oversized bearings to get the crank back to normal...
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