1. Lil'John

    Any home transformer experts? Upgrading service and a bit confused

    I'm renovating a 1978 house that currently has 100 amp service. I'm not sure what size wire is going from the transformer to my house. But the 3" conduit will support up to 320 amp wiring/service. In order to get bigger service, I will have to dig up/replace the 3" conduit. The house is 1900...
  2. riffman12

    new stereo - confused about bypassing amp

    Hi guys, I've searched around quite a lot but can't quite find my answer. I bought a new Pioneer head unit and would like to bypass the factory amplifier and have the head unit power the 4 main door speakers in my 97 Land Cruiser. This is the harness that Crutchfield sent me (along with the...
  3. Classic85

    1990 HDJ81 - Orange light, Turbo, Dash

    Does anyone know what this warning light is an indicator for. It is something I have not found in my manuals or web and am unsure what it related to. It glows in various amounts of intensity as opposed to simply "turning on."
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