1. D

    WTH!!! Power steering addition

    Does anyone know this part number or where I can find one? This Idler is kicking my butt.
  2. Lil'John


  3. riffman12

    new stereo - confused about bypassing amp

    Hi guys, I've searched around quite a lot but can't quite find my answer. I bought a new Pioneer head unit and would like to bypass the factory amplifier and have the head unit power the 4 main door speakers in my 97 Land Cruiser. This is the harness that Crutchfield sent me (along with the...
  4. Classic85

    1990 HDJ81 - Orange light, Turbo, Dash

    Does anyone know what this warning light is an indicator for. It is something I have not found in my manuals or web and am unsure what it related to. It glows in various amounts of intensity as opposed to simply "turning on."
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