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  1. Ugly Dwarf

    For Sale  Con Ferr Roof Rack (Medium Length) - CA - Bay Area - $275

    Medium length (66" x 60") Conn Fer roof rack. It has no floor (other than the three cross bars) and is dirty with surface rust, but looks to be straight and undamaged. It comes with six (6) mounts / feet. I can include some reproduction Conn Fer stickers I got from SMG (here on Mud) a while...
  2. Ugly Dwarf

    For Sale  1994 Land Cruiser Parts - Hitch, Front Bumper, Spare Tire Carrier - CA - SF Bay Area

    I'm cleaning out some spare parts that I've been hoarding in the side yard for too long and will never use. OEM Front Bumper and Brackets. Two holes drilled by PO for fog lights which were discarded long ago. Dirty but good condition. $60 OEM / Stock Location Spare Tire Carrier and winch...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Con Fer Roof Rack without brackets* $300 firm

    SoCal No rust Good condition. Has brackets to join it to an FJ80 rack. Was originally used on an FJ40 NO SHIPPING
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