compression fitting

  1. Jody Highroller

    Flexhose to replace brake hardline?

    The stainless steel tubing that connect to into the 100 series master cylinder, can those be replaced with a flex hose?
  2. sean2202

    copper nickel brake line for a/c high pressure line?

    OK so my cruiser has a leak in the rear a/c line over the rear axle. The PO put a compression fitting on it with a brake line. Regular brake line is no good with the moisture going though it. My thought was to use copper nickel brake line. Any thoughts on this? If it is DOT approved for...
  3. sean2202

    couple a/c questions

    OK so my A/C has not worked since I bought my cruiser in December. Figuring I had a rear leak from reading other posts I tracked it down to two fittings that were cracked in the rear high pressure line by the rear axle. I found the post on the airsept repair but was wondering if anyone has ever...
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