complete engine

  1. J

    Parting Out 1992 Toyota LandCruiser FJ80

    NO E-Lockers on this Vehicle!!! Complete parts car or cheap base for someone mechanically inclined that can get this thing running. Parked for 6+ years after transmission or transfer case locked up. Rear drive shaft removed, vehicle will roll. Engine ran before parked, but this vehicle is being...
  2. H

    For Sale 1hdft 24v complete engine

    I am selling a complete hdj80 engine. It is a 1hdft 24v version The engine has done 200K miles. Engine is very clean and has no oil leakes. Engine come with alternator and starter, flywheel and clutch. (and propeller, not on photo) If anyone is interested I can startup the engine and makes...
  3. Zoverlander

    For Sale 2Fe for sale

    I have a 2Fe for sale. Block is from a 1986 2f and head is from a 1989 3Fe and both are in good shape. All the accessories/manifolds etc. are included except the air cleaner assembly. The water pump and thermostat should probably be replaced. The engine is complete, but I would recommend it...
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