1. Rockymtnreaper

    For Sale  SOCAL: Level 8 Trackers 17x8.5 Black set of 5 for sale. with tires.

    Hey guys! I decided to part ways with my current wheels on my 60. They are Level 8 Trackers in a really nice black finish. Two of them have a small amount of rock rash, but the nice part is they don't rust since they are aluminum. Could be touched up. When I first bought these I didn't really...
  2. Rockymtnreaper

    For Sale  1978 Fj40 127k miles white with blue and black stripe. @colorado.cruiser Located in Big Bear Lake, CA/ SW Colorado

    Hey Guys! I have given this a lot of thought and sadly I have to put my 78' 40 up for sale. It's just not the right time in my life to own two land cruisers right now and being that I grew up in the 60 series I want to keep that in my family. So my 40 is up for sale! 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser...
  3. Rockymtnreaper

    Builds  Taro, the FJ60 build and adventure.

    Hello fellow mud members:flipoff2:(thats how we say hello), I think its time I started a build thread, between college and work I have been hesitant to start a thread. Its time, My name is Tucker, and this is the story about my 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 named Taro. The story: This FJ60 is...
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