1. math

    Wanted  Looking for a replacement 1FZ-FE engine (Colorado, USA)

    Hi. We're looking for a replacement 1FZ-FE engine for our '97 FZJ80. Preferably rebuilt or low mileage, but beggars can't be choosers I guess. My boyfriend blew up the engine, so we need to replace it ASAP. (He said he was sorry.) It actually just seems to be a severe rod-knock. We're around...
  2. B

    For Sale  1994 80 Series in Boulder, Colorado

    Has 209,xxx miles and I am asking $8500. Has Spartan locker in rear. Copy link: 1994 80 Series Land Cruiser
  3. Romer

    Colorado Crowd, want to learn spotting winching and recovery techniques?

    Come to the Rising Sun Club meeting. This month only an earlier time and different place. 7PM at Jefferson County Fairgrounds next Wednesday April 5th Rising Sun Member Forums - Powered by vBulletin There is no May meeting as we are all in Moab
  4. C

    LC mechanic in Colorado high country

    I like to work on my truck and do what I can with all the info on this site, but some jobs I know I could not do. I have a 94 with a bad rear main leak. Any one out there know of a reputable shop or mechanic with knowledge of these trucks in central Colorado (im in Eagle)? I know about SLee in...
  5. Brad Walsh

    For Sale  1989 62-Series Denver, Colorado

    SOLD! I'm unfortunately selling my 1989 62 series because, honestly, I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I have a 2016 4 Runner, a 1997 80 series, and a 1976 40 series. Something really has to go and I chose this one because honestly, it's the roughest of the bunch and I really don't...
  6. G

    Wanted  2012-2014 LC in Colorado

    Just like everyone, looking for a 200 series in this range, have a bout $50K to spend, selling my 98' 100 series and 2012 LR4 to make it happen. Looking for a Silver or Dark Gray...seems to be a lot of white and black on the market right now. Let me know if you know of anything available...
  7. Yertle

    For Sale  1978 FJ 40 Colorado USA

    1978 FJ 40 I have had for 6 years. Daily driver when I drive. Juggling too many other things and I hate to see it just sitting around. Not a car guy so hit me with any questions about info I may have missed below. - Clear Colorado title. Vehicle is in Colorado Springs - Odometer is working...
  8. Friar Tuck

    For Sale  '00 UZJ100 w/89k miles Loveland, CO

    Getting rid of my 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser w/very low miles (89,187 miles as I write this), it's in excellent condition. I've recently completed some preventative maintenance including OEM CV joints, both front power door lock regulators, and timing belt all completed at my local Toyota dealer...
  9. a_traut_man

    100s In The Hills 7 - July 2017

    Hey Guys, so I know there are a couple 100s running around Austin and if you haven't heard of 100s In The Hills then you should definitely check it out. Its in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado for the last weekend of July and it is absolutely awesome experience. I will be...
  10. TacoJonn

    Odd Question for Colorado/Wyoming Residents

    I live in Cheyenne and went to school in Laramie. Occasionally I would take 287 down to Fort Collins when I wanted to shop or go to a concert etc. I remember right on the north end of Ft. Collins, where the area was still semi-rural, a large yard full of FJ40's. I think it was mostly a...
  11. DancesWithMutts

    Colorado Emissions, new info, and new questions about the AFM Also an error in the FSM!

    I have been battling Colorado emissions for months now, and as a result my 94 has been sitting in the driveway. I purchased a set of magna-flow cats and had a local shop add flanges to make them bolt right up in place of the old cats. The shop did a good job and I gained almost 2 inches of...
  12. C

    For Sale  1985 FJ60 $3750 SW Colorado

    This is mine. CL add here Probably a good candidate for your goals on a build. Have owned this a long time and am sad to sell it but another FJ60 presented itself to me and I am transitioning. Troll Hole works great, interior is mostly complete, body damage is really the only drawback other...
  13. nuclearlemon

    colorado outdoor expo

    i know a couple of you were at the coa4wdci meeting, but i thought i'd remind you all about the colorado outdoor expo coming up the end of march. they will have metal cloaks cti trailer there for anyone wanting to check out their flex and and the man setting up the event is offering up free...
  14. nuclearlemon

    colorado outdoor expo

    since your club never makes the state meeting, i thought i'd mention the colorado outdoor expo coming up the end of march. they will have metal cloaks cti trailer there for anyone wanting to check out their flex and and the man setting up the event is offering up free booth space for any clubs...
  15. sevewone

    Dealer  Clean 1985 BJ70 Colorado LHD

    Not mine.. Spotted it while browsing. Looks not bad. 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser - Dream4x4
  16. T

    For Sale  1969 FJ40 - Denver, CO

    1969 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, zero rust, paint within the past couple years. I'll let the pictures and list below explain everything in more detail. I have just over $15,000 in receipts for everything listed below. Seriously... $15,000 in receipts.. -Chevy 350ci V8 (HEI ignition) -TH350...
  17. N

    Any Mechanic Recommendations in Colorado (Boulder/Denver area)??

    Hey everybody, I just moved out to Boulder, CO for work from North Carolina, so I obviously do not have local knowledge when it comes to getting my LC serviced, or worked on out here. Would love any advice or suggestions on some local shops, or trustworthy dealerships. Prefer to use a shop...
  18. T

    For Sale  16 in land cruiser rims, off 100 series, western colorado

    I have 4 land cruiser rims. I bought them used. They fit my 2004. $200
  19. fjdemon

    Real Time Help for a Friend in Centennial Colorado

    I have friend in Colorado. Great guy, former Marine, always helping people out. He just hit me up from Colorado asking me to trouble shoot some car issues in his 07' Wrangler. Yeah yeah I know it's a Jeep! I'm guessing it's a fuel pump. He said it turns over and cranks, but won't fire up. It...
  20. Speed King

    For Sale  Top bows FJ40 - Colorado

    I have a set of top bows I purchased for my 81 FJ40. Never took them out of the box and ended up selling the truck. $850 shipped CONUS. *SOLD*
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