1. Paulrotterdam

    Powdercoat RAL colour white wheels

    Guys, does anybody know the RAL colour code for the original white Toyota wheels? I want to get them powder coated, but there are about a zillion different whites. Gloss, high gloss, clear coat? Any experiences? Tips are welcome!
  2. Baja73

    Color of 1973 FJ40 Fuel Tank

    I had to buy a new fuel tank. I bought a new OEM tank. It came a flat black color and really looks like it needs to be painted. What is the correct color for a 1973 fuel tank? Thanks!
  3. mrjordann

    What color should I paint my 73 F engine?

    Hi, I am rebuilding my truck's original F engine from may of 1973. I know the "F.5" engine came out in 1973, but mine is a May model so it should have the older engine. What color did these come from the factory? I have no idea what color to paint this thing, so I am thinking I will just do...
  4. yonah

    Thoughts regarding black as an exterior color

    I've been searching for a 2013+ for awhile and originally discounted black as an exterior color due to the maintenance factor (harder to keep clean) and that blemishes tend to be more pronounced against a glossy, dark surface. My wife has a black Audi and I find that it doesn't take that much...
  5. vfh1886

    My Motor is Blue - Original color?

    Cam 1975 FJ40. Block and head are coming home from the machine shop tomorrow. Bored, new cam bearings, valve job. I think I am second owner. Is this the original color? Is there a source of the paint?
  6. Nasr Qaisar

    Does anyone have the code for this color

    Hi Guys I am redoing the body and paint work on my 62 and want to consider something lighter then the current red. The Flex net site lists this color as Gold(Japanese translated by google), however they don't list the 3 digit code. Any ideas what this could be?
  7. LandCruiserPhil

    Tan interior color match - Spray can

    Looking for a spray can color match for tan interiors, what do you use? For the gray interior I have found a very nice match to share. Match is closer than the picture show.
  8. c2dfj45

    1963 FJ40 color question for the experts

    Got this 63 40 in from MT today...neat truck. A little more beat up than I usually like but it's complete and it was obviously well used. Trying to ID the original color....maybe Jade Green? I found some areas in the glove box that were unpainted and it looks like the tops of the doors are...
  9. 084runnerltd

    What Color is Slee Blueberry Bumper

    Hi all, Just ordered round 1 of mods, tube sliders, 2.5" lift, and Slee's 3 component skid plate setup. I ordered the blueberry bumper, but it is on back order. The lift, along with new tires, and sliders are getting installed next weekend. While the tires are off the rims, I am getting them...
  10. thecrazygreek

    Color choice.

    I thought I had it figured out. But I think I'll throw it out there for the public to sway me. :) Left middle or right. The pic is pretty accurate.
  11. 2001LC

    Wanted  01-07 LC bumper skins, color Thunder Cloud Metallic (1D2). CO.

    Hi All, The color Thunder Cloud Metallic 1D2 came out 2001. I'm looking for those front & rear bumpers skins lying around taking up space, after you've built your series 100. I need them with paint in very good condition. I'll pay shipping & handling if you can wrap well to protect paint...
  12. T

    Wanted  WTB top, doors and rear doors 1970. This color

  13. dustin weaver

    Fj60 interior dash color

    Anyone know where I can get interior fj60 dash paint. The light grey color.
  14. graham5david

    what color to paint the 40

    my 69 40 was originally nebula green. I painted it orange 11 years ago. Should I repaint it orange or spring green. I like the spring green. Bit can't decide
  15. E

    Wanting to paint my fj40, any color suggestions?

    I'm 16 and about to get my license. This was my dads fj40 and after we sandblast, we are going to repaint, unsure of what color to choose. Maybe a matte gray, light blue, or keep it yellow? BTW we have the toyota logos, they just aren't on it right now.
  16. 63cruiser

    FST Top Color Choice

    I have a 63 Lily White cruiser that i am trying to decide on the color for the top/door skins. I have access to an original unused Kayline top that Wiley had for sale a while back but that might be a whole lot of white and the one picture of a similar truck was not really my preference...
  17. coldtaco

    color change

    Greetings, I did something last night while on mud and I can't tell how to change it back. When viewing mud the pages where normal/dark/default? Now the pages are white/bright. It is like this no matter what device I use so I must have changed something on my actual profile? How do I get...
  18. bwalker16527

    What color is this?

    What color is the front of my 1974 40? I thought it was Dune Beige but after buying Dune Beige to paint the spare tire carrier it does not match, not even close. Any ideas? Dune Beige seems to be much lighter and has much more gray in it.
  19. Dean780

    Color code help

    Hello guys, Would anybody know what the colour code is for this 70 sereis, thanks
  20. hobbes

    Hood and windshield latch color

    On a 1974 FJ40, what factory color are the latches holding down the hood and for the windshield? Pictures seem all over the place. I'm guessing they are both same pewter as the interior color, but not positive. I just got new windshield hold downs and I am certain I don't leave them bare. My...
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