cold start problems

  1. morganism

    Hard start, slow starter - SOLVED Ignitor/Coil grounding

    Just posted up a hard start thread, and got lots of the regular advice, check cables/grounds, fusible links, solenoid tests, ignition switch etc. But have noticed this typically happens when the first cold comes. Which made me wonder, how does the FJ60 know when the heater is on? 83 FJ60 4spd...
  2. Kilgore

    Popping Noise Cold/Accelerating

    So the rig is running great...except for a loud popping noise coming from the fuse panel area. It happens when its cold and accelerating or if I hit the gas and open the throttle. Rig is a 10/75, desmogged and rebuilt motor. Electrical system is all stock but in good shape. The popping noise...
  3. Overcruiser

    Getting colder...have to do something about Vapor Canister FJ60 1986

    Hey guys, I do not claim to be an expert in mechanics but I can work through certain issues and I have found that FJ60s are very reliable and easy to troubleshoot vehicles. I have a 1986 FJ60 with a 2F engine. The chassis has around 200k miles and the engine 45k. That being said I have run...
  4. Lou the fj60

    Cold start problem 87 fj60

    My name is Trey and I am 17 years old. I am a aspiring photographer and outdoorsman. I love camping and Nature in itself. I bought a 1987 land cruiser, that I named Lou. My cruiser sat for nearly ten years across the road from where my grandparents live. having no idea about the vehicle, i still...
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