1. H

    LC lovers in SoCal?

    Are there any LC clubs in SoCal? I'm particularly interested in connecting with a club in Ventura County. Thanks in advance for any info folks can spill into this thread. Jason
  2. JToobe

    Hurricane Creek Ride, June 2-4 2017 with ONSC and LCLC clubs

    @GLTHFJ60 and @Beau Diddly have both posted up on their clubs sites so time for me to get this up! We talked about having a ride with up to 6 vehicles from each club and coordinate camping and dining together! This is an Expo style trip in which self-reliance is the subject: Limited/no...
  3. E

    Puerto Rico Anyone?

    Hey Folks, New to the forum and to wheeling (complete noob). I spend half the year in PR and would love to link up with some local heads to get to know the trails and explore the country. I brought with me a 94 80 series and have yet to do much more than run a beach or two and roll up to Cerro...
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