1. GA Architect

    SOLD Mud Claw Radial M/T - LT285/70R17

    SOLD For Sale: Four used LT285/70R17 Mud Claw Radial M/T tires with 90% tread left. $400 takes them, pick up in Woodstock, GA. SOLD
  2. Y

    BFG KO2's vs MIckey Baja Claw TTC's

    Hello! I'm looking to get 5 new tires for my LX450. I'm currently in NE PA and running some KO's which are almost toast. I like the KO's and they've done right by me. But Id like to get something different so I'm looking at Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC. Anyone run the MT claw tires in the...
  3. 71FJnick

    For Sale Ball and Claw Axle Shafts

    Sold - Complete set of Ball and Claw axle shafts for a Pre 1968 FJ40 The shafts are in excellent condition, no abnormal wear, burrs, or scoring, they are coarse spline. These were in the truck when I got it and were either recently replaced or are in great OEM condition. $100 plus shipping...
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