1. Vossie

    About to chop shop my bed

    Hi all. first time posting in this forum. normally post up in the 40 section but seeing as how this is directly related to being a 45 thought i would post here. backround... mines an 82 FJ45 now with 12HT and h42. stock suspension for now. my 45 was assembled in zimbabwe which means i have...
  2. jbatx

    frame chop and hitch flip

    I want to cut the frame and weld in the factory hitch like some have done. I'm worried about two things and I'd like to hear from folks that have done this. 1. When I cut the rear of the frame off, what's to keep the rails ainged? It seems like this procedure would instantly misalign the...
  3. R

    70 and 60 on Haida Gwaii - need ideas

    This is my intro to IH8MUD (I have to get it out of the way immediately, that I LOVE mud, always have) My surrogate red green uncle died a while back, when I was out of town. I've since revisited his shop to see how things developed with an old 70 I gave him (10/15 yrs ago?). Looks like he...
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