charge lamp

  1. Vlex

    Fluctuating Charge Light

    Hi Guys! Long time lurker and FZJ80 owner since a year. Fixed a lot of problems with the help of this forum! I will be starting a build tread for al the mods, but first i could use some help. Just finished a 3500 miles road trip without a single problem. But now that the 80 is back to daily...
  2. izula

    Wanted  24V Charge Lamp Relay (27790-57010)

    Looking for a usable 24V charge lamp relay part number 27790-57010. Anybody have one that they are looking to part with? Thanks!
  3. mcp13

    Charge Lamp - Intermittently Lit upon Starting

    Sometimes the dashboard Charge Lamp on my '84 FJ60 does not light when I turn on the ignition. Without a lit Charge Lamp, the cruiser wont run properly, and I fry my alternator. We've changed the Charge Lamp relay, alternator, checked all voltage, checked grounds, corrected shorts, checked the...
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