central texas

  1. bloc

    For Sale 94 1FZ/A442F, 300k, Central Texas (will not ship)

    Hello, I pulled my 1FZ and A442F to make room for a vortec swap so I might as well post them for sale. $500 for the pair, I WILL NOT SHIP. NO engine harness, water temp gauge sender, oil pressure sender, and it is missing a few bolts here and there. No transfer case Roughly 300k on the pair...
  2. T

    Wanted Looking for an fj80/fzj80 in central tx!!

    ive been looking for months now and it seems like every time I find one it just slips through my grasp or it's a dealer and they are selling a piece of junk. I'm new to land cruisers but I've I always been facinated by them. If anyone in central tx is selling one please let me know. I work at a...
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