1. N

    For Sale  CBI Off Road ditch light brackets for 03-09 4Runner

    These brackets are brand new, for a 2003-2009 4Runner. I bought them hoping they would fit my GX but they don't. $60 for the brackets. I also have ditch lights with the wiring kit and switch for another $40 if interested. I live in Brentwood and work in Modesto, so it would be nice to have a...
  2. ATronic

    Prinsu Design 100 Series Full Roof Rack System

    The Prinsu Design 100 series roof rack system is now in production! This rack is incredible, very low profile and after driving many miles (thousands) it barely makes any noise. It’s not on the website but they are available. I have waited for this rack and it was worth it! Hats off to Nathan...
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