cargo rack

  1. Qball

    For Sale  Interior cargo rack for 80 series, passenger side.

    Interior cargo rack for 80 series, passenger side. It's pretty handy for keeping things off of the floor. $180 local pick up at Thousand Oaks/north LA area in SoCal. Can ship if I can find a box big enough you pay for shipping.
  2. B

    Roof Tent on a Cargo Rack Basket

    I'm looking at purchasing an FJ62 that already has a rack on it, but I can't seem to find the particularly rack online/get a good look at it from the pictures. I'd like to mount my Tepui on it, but unlike my current vehicle this rack doesn't appear to be flat, with cross bars. Instead, it's...
  3. TurboTaco


    My GF bought me an extension for a THULE, but for a Canyon not a MOAB. Thus, I am asking if anyone has a MOAB Extension they'd like to let go to me. Let me know if you have one. My 100 series needs a fully extended rack.... Roof rack.
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