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  1. ranman

    For Sale Land Rover Range Rover Sport V8 Svr (2016)

    Blue, Upgrades - Heads Up Display, Blind Spot Monitoring With Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic Detection, Solar Attenuating Windscreen, Xenon Lights with LED Signature, 3 owners, 5 seats, $24,950.00
  2. Z

    40 series cab onto a 61 sahara chassis?

    Ive been planning on putting a 12HT and 5spd into a HJ47, when I thaught of putting the 40 series body onto a sahara rolling chassis. So my question is can it be done and is it worth the hassle of moving all the cab mounts to fit and what other mods need to be made to make it all fit and run...
  3. C

    FJ45 cab swapped onto HJ60 chassis.

    Gday all. I have just bought myself my first project. Can a FJ45 cab be swapped onto a 60 series chassis if so what's involved? I have had a search around with the search function but have not had much luck. My FJ45 chassis is absolutely had it bent and rusted out. I have bought a HJ60 in...
  4. E

    Pickup cab on 80 series chassis?

    I'm interested in the feasibility of a 4th gen or 5th gen single cab on a locked 80 series chassis? I've looked so many places so many times for an example of this, but can not find anything. Can anyone show me someone/pics/build thread of this already being done? Does anyone have some insight...
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