1. Navyator

    JDM 3fe Engine Squeak - Weird Pulley Question

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot a possible issue with my belt. I have a squeaky engine and a burning smell that gets more noticeable if I get up there in the Revs. I was worried it was the Tranny, so I had it checked out and the guy at the shop said he didn't smell...
  2. srfdntchk

    How Bad Might This Be? - Smoke and Burning Smell In Rear Wheelwell

    Hi All, I recently returned from a 6 day deployment to the Gulf Coast with my volunteer search and rescue team (Texas Search and Rescue - TEXSAR), and have discovered smoke and a burning smell now coming out of the rear driver-side wheel area after driving. We deployed to Corpus Christi the day...
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