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  1. starclassic

    ARB Bull Bar swap: any tips?

    This weekend I am swapping the ARB bull bar on my '99 LC over to a friend's '04 LC. It's the ARB combo bar #3413050. I'm just curious if anyone has experience uninstalling/installing this bumper, and if there are any tips for ensuring it goes smoothly. Based on the ARB instructions it seems...
  2. P

    I'm about to install an ARB front bumper on my GX470... Any advice re: trimming the fenders?

    I searched for advice on how to install an ARB front bumper on my '05 GX470. I'm fully aware you need to trim the fender flares (fenders too perhaps?) and wanted to see if anyone here had advice before I start fitting it to the truck. Advice on trimming - What tools to use, how much, how to...
  3. Idaho Savage

    4x4 Labs Rear 60 Bumper Install How-To with Photos

    Hi All, Well I'm happy to finally be able to contribute something to the 60 forum. As some of you know, I was lucky enough to purchase my 62 from a fellow Mudder and it's been great. Shortly after purchasing the truck, I contacted Luke at 4x4 Labs and changed my order from a 100 series rear...
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