1. Foreigner

    Foreigner goes to Brazil

    As mentioned in the work thread the other day, I'm in Brazil for the week. Don't have much time to look around, unfortunately, but I do what I can. It was raining in São Paulo when I connected Flamboyant Tree (Delonix regia) I'm frankly shocked by the utter lack of Toyotas here, compared...
  2. D

    OVERLAND IMPORTS bringing Brasilian Born Bandeirantes to North America

    OVERLAND IMPORTS I started a company in November 2015 and we have been importing many many Toyota Bandeirantes every month from Brasil to USA. We have figured out all the sourcing, fixing and inspection, shipment in containers, customs clearance, and titling and upgrading them in USA for...
  3. D

    Brasilian Toyota Bandeirante

    I would like to introduce my company Overland Imports. We are importing Toyota Bandeirantes from Brasil each month. We are bringing them from Brasil to Savannah, GA and then to our headquarters in Atlanta, GA. We have a shop in Sao Paulo that inspects and makes any basic repairs and then we...
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