brake light switch

  1. TravMan806

    '70 FJ40 Spectre Wire Harness issues / questions

    I am trying to resurrect a neglected FJ40. I have purchased a Spectre Offroad wire harness w/ fuse block... This wire harness came with an instruction booklet that details how to re-wire with Ford/ GM/ Mopar parts.. But, it does not detail how to re-wire with the original steering column...
  2. Grafton Pannell

    Brake Light Quirk

    I've got a 94 80 with 320k on the clock. That said, the only problems I've been running into so far are electrical quirks like this one. Right now all my tail-lights work as they should, but when I put on the brakes, my passenger side brake light won't illuminate. I tried replacing the light...
  3. Borrego

    Brake light HELP!

    I have a 71 FJ40 (built in Sept 1970). All of a sudden my brake lights went out. The running lights and turn signals work. The hazard lights have never worked, and now the brake lights don't work. I suspect it's the brake light switch. I'm newer to electrical and may need help understanding...
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