brake hose

  1. H

    For Sale  Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kits SS

    I have some NEW SS brake hose kits. Front axle, rear axle and 2 caliper hoses. These are made by Techna Fit, same company SOR and MAN-A-FRE have used. These are longer than stock (2 - 4 lift) qty 3 avail - 9/75-7/80 40 Series, may also fit the 55 (21.5", 14.5", and (2) 10") qty 4 avail -...
  2. Lomoski

    Extended brake hoses after lift, kzj78 prado

    Hi guys, I just put a Dobinson 65mm rear and 60mm front lift in my kzj78 prado. Was hoping I wouldn't need to extend my brake hoses but it looks like I have to do that, at full travel they are stretched tighter than a guitar string. So my question is: a) what size is the hose that i need to...
  3. D

    Extended brake hose.

    Would anyone know if the front and rear body to diff brake hoses are the same on a non abs fzj80? Found some for a good price on aussie ebay but they only have the rear listed at the moment and i need a front hose asap. Cheers Dale
  4. Levi Ely

    For Sale  FJ40-FJ60 Parts Garage Sale

    These parts were going to be used on my '77 FJ40, but never got around to using them. PAYPAL ONLY. I will sell all of these items together for $175 plus shipping. Original ambulance door Hinge - 1x Lower Left side - 1x Upper right side - $50 for both. **photo in comments** Rear Lower Shock...
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