body swap

  1. Laughingjackal

    SOLD  FJ60 Body w/ Drivers fender & 4 doors - $1,500 obo

    I was going to do a swap with the body below however the receiving vehicle has engine issues than I am not going to deal with. That being said the body below is for sale. It came out of NM and is currently in Colorado Springs.The link below has more pictures...
  2. M

    1982 BJ60 Body Swap

    Hello all, I'm preparing to do a body swap on my 1982 BJ60 with another 82 BJ60 which has been stripped down, sanded, and pretty much ready for paint. I've been told the actual swap is relatively easy and I have access to a shop with a lift, but I was wondering if there is a good thread within...
  3. PeeZed

    BJ60 to HJ61 Body swap...the five year plan turned right now plan!

    Hey guys, So, as I posted before, my wife tested out the strength of our bushbar by inserting it into the back end of a service van. I know, that just sounds wrong... Anyways, initially it looked like a slight crack on the bushbar and a severed engine mount as the extent of the damage. Then...
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