1. 084runnerltd

    What Color is Slee Blueberry Bumper

    Hi all, Just ordered round 1 of mods, tube sliders, 2.5" lift, and Slee's 3 component skid plate setup. I ordered the blueberry bumper, but it is on back order. The lift, along with new tires, and sliders are getting installed next weekend. While the tires are off the rims, I am getting them...
  2. fjfar80

    For Sale Slee BlueBerry Bumper - $700.00

    For sale is my Slee BlueBerry bumper, this bumper was purchased new in 2016 and put on my 100 Series in June. Unfortunately in July 2016 I was hit and my 100 Series was damaged. The BlueBerry bumper was scratched but not damaged or twisted in any way as my passenger front wheel took the brunt of...
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