block off plate

  1. J

    FJ40 Intake / Exhaust Manifold

    Just wondering......... Has anyone blocked off the heat riser on a FJ40 2F stock exhaust manifold either using a block off plate or welded a plate over the heat riser opening and installed the stock intake and exhaust independently without bolting together? You would need to grind the bottom...
  2. Godwin

    For Sale  3FE EGR block off plate & exhaust manifold plug

    For desmogging a 3FE this aluminum plate is used to cover the opening in the intake manifold. The drain plug has the correct threading to securely screw into the exhaust manifold where the EGR had been plugged in. The allen headed drain plug comes with a copper crush washer. $30+ shipping...

    Emissions Keychains anyone?

    I have so many projects going on right now that it's not always easy to keep them all straight or even moving forward. Then there are times when you look at the waste from the by-product of some of the products and you think, "I could put that to good use". These are a good example of that. I'm...
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